Plan(t) it

Plan it! Or plant it?
Plan your Plant Trip with Vanteriorplants.

Hurray! We are happy to announce a special service that no-one else is offering in Squamish. Plan(t) it.
We exquisite deliver 5-6 of your favourite plants to your home finding the best location for them within your space.
All you have to do is sending us pictures of your space.


“Plan(t) it” is consumer friendly and luxury affordable service.
1. You don’t have to leave your home finding the plant, basket etc. –> The plant and decor is coming to YOU.
2. You do not need a vehicle or any other transportation option.
3. You save time.
3. You can enjoy our decorative advice. We are helping you finding the right location for your plants within your space.
4. Cost affective. The plants, baskets and planters are soured and available together without any headache visiting multiple stores gathering all articles.


The Service Charge includes the travel time, gas and the actual decorative service part. We charge per hour.

One hour on site – $45.00 plus taxes
Any additional hour is $25.00 plus taxes.

The Greater Vancouver Area, Whistler and Pemberton
One hour on site – $75.00 plus taxes
Any additional hour is $25.00 plus taxes.

* Plants of your choice will be charged separately.

Please contact us to book an appointment.
We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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