Planters, Ceramics & Macrame

2.75″ Mini Succulent Planter

2.75″ Mini Succulent Planter with Saucer
Planter Size: 2.75″
Planter Colour: White
Each Planter Price Only: $7.00
Succulent and Planter Price: $12.50
Please find more plant pricing here.
– 3 x Geometrics available. 6 x Round Planters available. –

7″D – Jane Ceramic Indoor Planter

7″D Jane Ceramic Indoor Planters
Planter Size: 7″
Planter Colour: White High Gloss
Price: $20.00
Pricing does not include plants, please find plant pricing here.
– 1 Black, 2 Dark Red and 1 Mint available –

Handmade Ceramics

Blue Ceramics handmade by a local from Vancouver.
4″ Ceramic: $24.00
6: Ceramic: $34.00
– White Planters sold out. Blue available only. pricing does not include the plant, please visit my store for more plant pricing.

Wood Plant Stand

Wood Plant Stand
This wood plant stand suitable for the round planter which largest diameter is 10″, larger than 10″ diameter can’t be use with this item
Material: Beech Wood
Measurements: 13.5″H, 10″D.
Price: $50.00
– Wood Stand Only. Planter not included in pricing.
– 3 available. –

Handmade Macrame Hangers
by Squamish local

Handmade Macrame Hangers to be ordered in any Size, Color & Style.
Estimated Delivery Time: Approx. 2-3 business days.
Please contact me for pricing.

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